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Mold Removal Services

Air quality and the health of you and your family go hand-in-hand. Mold is not only ugly and unsightly when seen, it can also effects the air quality in your home or work space. The world famous Mayo Clinic reports that there are over 150 different types of mold spores that can be the cause of problems as simple constant throat tickle, sniffles, or more serious ailments leading to asthma and pneumonia.

Mold or Mildew Removal Estimate

When you call for a mold or mildew removal estimate, you will be connected to a mold removal expert contractor in your area to give you the proper professional services you may need. Call today for an mold or mildew inspection of your home and have the peace of mind to keep you safe in your home.

House Mold Remover Service

Mold, in a house, is most often found on floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, and carpeting that has been exposed to excessive ammounts of moisture. Microscopic mold spores can be hidden inside a wall, behind a tub that has leaked water at the seam of the wall, even under a kitchen sink. One particularly troublesome hiding place is inside the duct-work of central forced-air heating and air-conditioners. Don't risk your health to mold....ask for a free mold removal estimate using the phone number listed above.

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